An authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop providing Fuso and Unimog support

Authorized Mercedes-Benz, Fuso, Unimog workshop

Department at the technical and technological cutting edge, equipped with sophisticated control and monitoring instruments for the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial vehicles. With a team of certified technical data experts from the parent company, the workshop is the core business of TN Service.

Commercial and industrial vehicles in particular require constant maintenance, being subject to excessive and continuous loads. The mechanics of the workshop, specialists in the sector, perform their work professionally and rapidly, to minimize the time vehicles spend off the road thus limit the economic damage.

All vehicles that enter the workshop for mechanical work receive a computerized diagnosis. Each step is tracked on our computer systems to ensure adequate maintenance and assistance according to specific needs.
We provide maximum support, both during and after the work carried out.

In fact, in order to assess customer satisfaction, we call our clients again to ensure that all vehicles remain in correct working order. These steps guarantee total transparency during the vehicle’s stay in the workshop.

The workshop is under the supervision of a SABA manager with 360° management tasks.

Rental of replacement vehicle

Our rental service of replacement vehicles is available in our workshop. If your vehicle is in the workshop, you can rent one of our vehicles: trucks, vans and cars with 5, 7 and 9 seats.

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With the best brands

We have already started a partnership with WABCO for the implementation and testing of new security systems.

Our association with Wabco
Officina mobile per interventi sul posto

Mobile workshop for off-site repairs and maintenance

Our mobile workshop, with a 24H support service, responds to each request maintaining a constant and active presence in the area. The technician evaluates, for each case, if the damaged vehicle can be repaired at the place of the breakdown and, if this is not possible, a tow truck is sent out to take the vehicle to the workshop.

Trattameto gas fluorurati

FGAS certification

GAS is a certification system for personnel and companies involved in the use of fluorinated gases, for the operation and maintenance of refrigerated semi-trailers, in which the professional figure of the Refrigeration Engineer is officially recognized.

Our personnel already possess the FGAS, and we further guarantee the expertise of both our personnel with the “Patent of the Frigorista” (PIF – Italian Patentino Frigoristi) and the tools and procedures of the company with the CIF (Certification of Businesses). In practice, the Refrigeration License certifies the skills of the technician in the handling of refrigerant gases and the Business Certification certifies the tools and procedures used by the technician.

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Gruppi Frigo e Frigorista

New professionalism
Processing of refrigeration and cooling units

In TN Service we have a specific figure, the Refrigeration Engineer, who carries out work on the refrigeration units. Dedicated processing that covers the installation, support, maintenance, repair, leakage control and recovery of refrigerated semi-trailer cells, in full compliance with safety and in line with the procedure for the management of fluorinated refrigerant gases.

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