Electronic mechanical workshop

We deal with industrial and commercial vehicles assistance and maintenance: trucks, vans, semi-trailers of all kinds, cars. 

We notice quickly malfunctions and anomalies, for a careful diagnosis for each vehicle entering in.

We offer interest-free financing on maintenance and repair services, setting up vehicles and spare parts and pneumatics sales.

Behind our work there’s experience, formation, intuition and the use of sophisticated tools.

Mobile workshop and H24 assistance

We have multilanguage operators that answer to roadside assistance calls that come from Italy and most of Europe:

  • We try to understand with the driver what’s the problem and if it can be fixed through the phone.
  • When the remote assistance isn’t enough, mobile workshop starts: we reach the stalled truck and, if possible, we solve the problem on spot
  • When it’s not possible on spot assistance, we use a truck to move the vehicle to the workshop and complete the repair work.
  • While we fix the vehicle, the driver continues the trip thanks to replacement vehicle rental service.


We repair industrial and commercial cars and vehicles damaged. We have 2.200 sqm covered and 5.300 sqm external for works such as:

  • Assembly, disassembly, straightening and replacement of cabins, tractor chassis, tractors and semitrailers;
  • Tinting machine and coating (2 oven booth for industrial and commercial vehicles coating, 1 oven booth for car coating);
  • Semitrailers walls and ceilings and isothermal cases replacement and reconstruction;
  • Fifth wheel plate;
  • Crystals replacement;
  • Ferroplast and fiberglass workings;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Metallic carpentry.

Since 2021 we have been a Kögel Authorized Workshop for the issuance of the XL Certification attesting compliance with VDI 2700 and EN 12642

Axle alignment

We use Josam system for wheels and axle alignment. We deal with:

  • Convergence and divergence – wheels alignment;
  • Off-square – axle alignment;
  • Tumblehome – wheels tilt adjustment;
  • Incidence – axle tilt adjustment;
  • Kingpin or KPI – Kingpin lateral tilt adjustment;
  • Steering divergence – differences in-between steering angles adjustment;
  • Maximum steering – maximum limit steering adjustment.

Units and refrigerators

With F-Gas certification we attest the staff and the whole company’s skills about the use of fluorinated gases.

We have refrigerator technicians who are expert and certified that carry out the activity of maintenance, repair and control of losses on cold storages of semitrailers, tractors and refrigerated vans.

Pneumatic services

We are resellers of the best brands pneumatics, such as: Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Dunlop.

In order to guarantee road safety and increase the vehicle performance we only choose high quality tires.

Our technicians are even trained for recommending to the customer the right pneumatics and for carring out with professionality all the works in the workshop.

Sale and rental

We sell used vehicles, trustworthy and guaranteed by a history of continuous assistance and maintenance: trucks, vans, cars, vehicles with up to nine seats, lorries, trailers, semitrailers of all kinds.

We have an online shop – TN Service Shop – where it is possible to browse the industrial and commercial vehicles catalogue available for sales and rental.

With TN Service Rent, in addition, we even offer long and short-term rental service for every kind of industrial and commercial vehicle.

Spare parts

A warehouse with a wide range of original and aftermarket spare parts for industrial and commercial vehicles: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Iveco, Carrier, Thermo King, Wabco, SAF-Holland, BPW, Jost, Schmitz Cargobull, Kögel, Krone and so on.

Alternatively, we also have used spare parts catalogue for trucks, vans, and vehicles of all kinds.

All our products are available for counter sale and to be assembled in the workshop

Practical management

In office areas we manage audits, tests, ATP certification renewal and consultancy..

  • We’re an approved audit centre under the 870/1986 law. We have specialized technicians that carry out periodic audits per year.
  • We do tests, technical examinations and full check-up for trucks, vans and lorries. 
  • In our centre in Piacenza, in addition, there is the ATP technical testing centre where – thanks even to the advice from external experts – we carry out all the activities useful for certification renewal. 
  • We offer consultancy: we are available in case of doubts, informations and requests for clarifications.

Claims management

In case of accidents we manage all the phases of the claim with a set of coincident and complementary services. 

From roadside assistance – service available 24/7 – to the transportation of the damaged vehicle in the workshop. From the management of the practices to the processing of insurance services – activities that we carry out in collaboration with lawyers, experts and consultants. 

In addition, while mechanics provide for the vehicle repair and work in the bodyshop, we can solve the problem of the vehicle still in the workshop through the rental service with a replacement vehicle.

Car workshop

We have a workshop where we carry out car assistance, maintenance and repair 

In particular, we carry out activities such as:

  • Mechanic;
  • Electronics;
  • Computerized diagnosis;
  • Air conditioning recharge;
  • Washing and maintenance of automatic gearboxes;
  • Block Shaft installation.
Assistenza H24 +39 3470913009