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Manutenzione e riparazione di veicoli commerciali e industriali


A department on the technical and technological cutting edge, equipped with sophisticated control and monitoring instruments for the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz and other brands.

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Magazzino ricambi e accessori originali

Warehouse and spare parts

Our warehouse has a large assortment of spare parts for repairs in the workshop and for distribution in the store, with a complete area dedicated to distribution / sales.

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Assistenza Mercedes-Benz e soccorso stradale


Our activities are not limited to only workshop operations. Among other services, we provide Mercedes-Benz assistance and roadside assistance. We are also equipped for administrative practices.

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24H Assistance

Assistenza H24

Telephone availability and technical assistance wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available all day, every day.

Mobile Workshop

Officina mobile

We arrive at the damaged vehicle very quickly and, if the situation permits, the intervention is resolved in the same place.

Computerized Diagnosis

Diagnosi computerizzata

Our expert technicians in diagnosis quickly identify faults / anomalies using sophisticated tools, experience and intuition.

General Business

As a practical agency, we deal with reviews, tests, insurance services (RCA and claims), consultancy and assistance for the processing of bureaucratic activities.

Traceability and Transparency

Lavoro marcatempo

Management of speed and organizational clarity. Our IT system keeps track of all the repairs and maintenance performed on the vehicle.

Care for the Environment

Annual characterization of waste with the attribution of the EWC CODE - European Waste Catalogue, for its regular disposal.


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