Proper training contributes not only to the safety of the work environment,
but also guarantees specific professional skills and positively influences the company’s results.

Technical training – a strong point of TN Service

Training and updating skills to respond to a sector that requires increasingly complex procedures (especially from a technological point of view) is an important requirement. Consequently, the company schedules periodic training meetings to develop professional skills and abilities.

The training courses provide excellent preparation for daily operations in the workshop. TN Service technicians can recognize the needs of the client, and plan the necessary procedures to perform appropriate maintenance and diagnosis. The internal training together with the information provided by Mercedes-Benz allows technicians to carry out work on the vehicles.

TN Service and Mercedes-Benz - one single team

“Maintaining high standards in all service and maintenance operations performed.”

Training center

Sala formazione e aggiornamento

We are equipped to organize internal training sessions authorized by MIT and the Transport Registry with specialists in the sector. Our training center produces qualified workers with specialized skills.

A 360° commitment

The orientation meetings and the projects for our students, the days devoted to training our technicians, and the Truck Meeting with our parent company all make TN Service a brand that stands out with respect to its national competitors.

Mercedes-Benz training courses

Corsi di training Mercedes-Benz

Through Mercedes-Benz, we are offered an innovative form of training that gives the TN Service team the potential to stand out in a global Mercedes-Benz training platform (SABA). Each TN Service employee has a mandatory training route divided into 2 modules:

  • Face to face – in a Mercedes-Benz location
    Training and Coaching for the certification, qualification and updating of the sales and service network for Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and Trucks; for consultancy, specialized spare parts…
  • E-training – SABA platform
    For office staff; the IT manager, diagnostic technician, system technician with background in the kinematic chain, comfort and safety technician, maintenance technicians, and the warranty analyst (who, in addition to being qualified, is also certified). Each employee is identified by a unique username and password and manages, with total autonomy, his mandatory training, which is paid within a period of 24 months.

Working in this way guarantees a team with continually updated knowledge and skills that responds to technological and organizational changes and maintains a real competitive edge.

TN Service and education

We consider it of fundamental importance to form close bonds with those who participate in the training, directly from the schools. Our participation in the open day of "G. Dorso" in Avellino - a cultural and professional reference for industry in Irpinia and Campania, opened up to our concept of alternative school work. This means an emphasis on real skills that are truly expendable in the jobs market.

Our participation in the open day
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